Saturday, September 19, 2009


I'm surrounded by stacks of journals parts, straps, thongs (no, not that kind... I mean leather cords) and masks-to-be. A fine coating of leather dust is covering most of my clothing and my hands and fingers ache to beat the band.
I've been accepted to my first juried craft show. Actually, I was invited to two shows last year but was unable to make it to either of them. This one is in Quechee Gorge, VT and I'm going for it. That means inventory, a booth, and presentation materials... Oy vey!
I am shooting for sixty-five journals, which is about five times what I've ever had on hand at one time. I also planned on making a dozen masks but I laid out and cut 32 of them this morning so I'm guessing that I'll probably end up with considerably more than planned.
Taking a break to watch my son's ballgame then back to the salt mines. Stay tuned for More of Craft Fair Crunch '09... the legend begins...


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